David Fusco is a working tattoo artist professionally and a contemporary fine artist.  A native of central Connecticut, his artwork connects with people and their deep emotional experiences.

From focusing on a balance of light and shadow in his New England landscapes, often including architecture. To
still life in Alla Prima and colorful figurative compositions. He captures a humble human experience.

As the artist explains,
“Sculpture lead me to believe early on that I could create art on a 2 dimensional plane.”

In high school he spent time with Ray White of the Nutmeg Artist Group in Plymouth and established his foundational skills. Graduating in 2007 from Paier College of Art in Hamden, CT with a bachelors of fine Art; his next chapter started.

In 2011, David apprenticed at the Beauty Mark Tattoo shop in Waterbury, CT under the guidance of Pete O’Sullivan. Soon after David found himself a resident at the Newly Founded Canton, CT Beauty Mark Tattoo location.

Today David’s tattooing artwork has lead him to the Lost Art Gallery located in Watertown, CT. David specializes in nature related tattoos and realism, but also loves vibrant and colorful new school tattoos.